Nutrition and Weight Loss Counseling


Nutrition and Weight Loss Counseling 

 Kaitlin Hagan, PA-C is a healthy lifestyle and nutrition advocate. She works with patients to determine appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes that align with each individual's personal goals. She provides nutrition counseling and acts as a source of motivation and encouragement for her patients who strive to lose weight, reduce their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, or generally improve their health and well-being. Kaitlin is a firm believer that improving one's health starts with making progressive, long-term healthy lifestyle changes.


Wellness Program

Our program is a comprehensive lifestyle intervention in which a combination of diet, exercise and behavior modifications will be gradually introduced into your daily routine. This realistic approach will ensure an easy transition to a new, healthier lifestyle. The program includes easy to follow meal plans, recipes, nutrition education, and weigh-ins.

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During your first visit with Kaitlin you will discuss your goals and obstacles to achieving them, review your personal and family medical history, and receive an assessment of weight-related co-morbid conditions.