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Chronic pelvic pain can be a debilitating problem that prevents you from enjoying everyday activities. Sonya Lee, MD, and her team of women’s health professionals at Gynecology Specialists of Philadelphia treat a variety of issues that can cause chronic pelvic pain in women. If you’ve had pelvic pain for over six months, call Gynecology Specialists or book an appointment online today.

Pelvic Pain Q & A

What is chronic pelvic pain?

Chronic pelvic pain involves potentially debilitating discomfort in the area between your hips and belly button. To be considered chronic, this pain must last longer than six months.

Although chronic pelvic pain can be a gynecologic condition on its own, it’s often a symptom of another medical problem.

What are the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain?

Symptoms of pelvic pain vary from woman to woman. Some women experience mild aches that come and go, while others endure a steady stream of excruciating pain. Chronic pelvic pain can even interfere with your ability to work, sleep, or enjoy life.

Common symptoms of pelvic pain include:

  • Dull aching
  • Steady, severe pain
  • Sharp cramps
  • Pressure within your pelvis
  • Intermittent pain
  • Pain during sex
  • Discomfort urinating or moving bowels
  • Inability to sit for long periods without pain

What causes chronic pelvic pain?

Chronic pelvic pain is a complex issue that may stem from various causes or conditions. Some common causes of pelvic pain include:

How does a gynecologist treat chronic pelvic pain?

The medical team at Gynecology Specialists understands how crippling chronic pelvic pain can be. That’s why they strive to get you back to the pain-free life you love as efficiently as possible.

After determining the source of your pelvic pain, the team at Gynecology Specialists discusses your treatment options, which may include medications, physical therapy, or surgery. Your specific treatment plan depends on your individual needs.

Pelvic pain caused by endometriosis may respond well to hormone medication therapy. This treatment includes a variety of hormonal birth control options or other medications that suppress ovarian function.

Minimally invasive surgical options, such as laparoscopy, may be helpful in treating chronic pelvic pain that doesn’t improve with medical management.

In other cases, the team at Gynecology Specialists may recommend these treatment options:

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Multidisciplinary care with other specialists

No matter what’s causing your chronic pelvic pain, finding a treatment that works for you is crucial for your overall health and well-being. If you’ve had pelvic pain for longer than six months, call Gynecology Specialists or book an appointment online today.

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